Monday, March 23, 2015

The Waiting Game

The biggest problem I'm having with a house that is completely outdated is the huge list of projects that need to be worked on. Right now, the front room is my main focus. The walls are almost completely painted, and I have artwork planned to liven up the place. We ordered a nice wool rug to set things off. Sadly, it is due at my house tomorrow but doesn't seem to have even shipped yet. So frustrating! Kyle and I have narrowed down our idea for bookcases and a fireplace (ethanol burning) and are very excited! He's pretty backed up on his to-do list as well though. He finished redoing my silverware drawer to have a top and bottom layer to it and he's working on a new coffee table. Spring is around the corner and there is plenty to prep in the flower beds, but with the weather predictions for the week, I think I might actually have a reprieve from doing that. Today, I am designing an outdoor oasis for Chompy, our three-toed box turtle. My best advice for a whole house remodel: one day at a time! To-do lists seem to only increase stress.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Master Bedroom

This update is well overdue, and could even use some more photos. Oh well, here is a little bit on my master bedroom. I'll have to try to find photos of our built in bookcase Kyle added for us as well. It's fantastic!
Our master bedroom was something akin to a dark cave when we bought the house. I painted the walls before we moved the furniture in, and then worked on doing some more painting the next summer. There is still some touching up to do, and the master bath needs completed as well. I did hang up some really cute curtains that let in tons more light than the old ones did. The first morning I woke up after having finished most of the painting and changing the curtains was incredible. So much sunshine in my room! 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Front Room

These totally blend into the now crappy walls

Here is one of the walls from our front room. There was dark wood paneling from top to bottom on this wall. Kyle tore it down, and put in a doorway to the childrens' rooms. This video shows a little of the work that Kyle put into redoing this wall. Since then, we have cleaned it up and painted it and another large wall white. The front room is my area of concentration this Spring, so there will hopefully be lots of updates posted here. Soon, I will be finishing the painting job on this wall, so be prepared for more photos to come!

Friday, July 19, 2013


Well, we finally got our greenhouse built! Its been years since I put a photo album on a blog, so I decided to do a slide show instead. (Though I honestly don't think it looks as good!) I'm glad it's finally complete and I can't wait to plant in there next year! We are going to work on the shelves later this year since there isn't a rush on that. I'll have to get some more pots and such from the shops, but I'm pretty happy with it overall.
Kyle tore down the old shed and cleaned up the area mostly by himself before his head injury. My son and I started the foundation but my dad had to come over and show me how to properly finish it (as well as cut my cinder blocks for me) since I was a little stuck for a bit. Kyle and my son made a large frame for my future banana tree (squee!), and the whole family got together to fill the area with pea gravel. It should drain nicely now. Kyle and I worked in the hot sun (I have a sunburn as proof!) all weekend and Monday night to get it finished. We put in an arm to open that window that reacts to heat, which is great because it sure gets warm in there! 
On to more summer projects!

Monday, July 08, 2013

Keeping Up With the Times

Well, I haven't posted in a couple of months so I'm sorry. I have been super busy working around the place and taking care of Kyle through his accident. It took three weeks for him to recover (not fully, but able to return to work) and now I'm off and running again. The attached garage is finally cleaned up and organized. Now I have no excuse not to finish some of my old projects! The built-in bookcase in my bedroom is painted and full of books and knick knacks. I love it! The greenhouse foundation is started, the lawn furniture is almost refinished, and I just might be hanging photos before I head back to school. I've even got the old wallpaper out of the master bathroom and organized the childrens' rooms! This week I'm painting my bifold closet doors that have been off since before we moved in. I took them off to paint the bedroom walls and haven't put them back yet. Horrible! Anyway, I need to get some photos together to add to this post, but I'll do that later. I'll have to finish some projects and get posting about them. I hope everyone is having a good, productive summer. I'll be here, concentrating on bettering my violin and my house. Cheers!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

So Much Winter

Well, I haven't made a post in quite sometime! I'm still waiting to hear from Spring, since it seems to snow weekly here still. I just ordered some plants from Burpee for this dirt, shade patch I have under a tree in the backyard. I can't wait to have some color and less dirt out there! Of course, it will take a bit for the plants to spread out and look good. Some are seeds too, so those I will be growing inside the house. 
Speaking of plants, I've been planning my greenhouse all winter and I can't wait to build it! I also ordered some chili pepper seeds so that I can dry them and make my own chili powder. Eventually, my chili will be almost completely home grown and organic. I can't wait! The college will be having a garden sale around Memorial Day, so I will be purchasing the majority of my veggie plants then. I'm so excited for summer, you have no idea!
Kyle did put a doorway in our front room this winter, so I will be posting more on that later. I haven't gotten the photos off my phone yet, so that will give you something to look forward to seeing.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Spring Fever

Kyle and I have been enjoying this fairly warm Wyoming winter. It's been about 40° F out most days so I'm feeling a little bit of spring fever. I have been running myself hectic during the week so as to have my weekends fairly free. Of course, midterms and finals are always the exception to my rules for time usage. 
The last couple of weekends, we have gotten some headway on reworking out awesome house. Kyle put a doorway between our front room and hallway. It looks great! He had to remove the old paneling on the wall, so the wall is a horrid color and covered in glue stripes, but it's progress. We will be working on that more this weekend. Thinking of mudding and priming it within the next couple of weeks even.
We've almost got out built-in bookcase done in our bedroom. The area is painted, the oak planks for shelves are in the basement, and I can't stand the wait! They need finished, and we are going to pick up shelf brackets today. There is also an obvious lack of lighting in the area where the bookcase is going, so we have to look into that as well. Otherwise, it's close to being unpacked and I can't wait to put my books on it!
On a side note, Kyle decided to clean the bathroom last weekend and removed all the wallpaper in there. It looks much cheerier during the day, but I do need to wash the old wallpaper glue off and put a coat of paint on it one of these weekends. I love this house!